Haunted Family is about the paranormal events my family has experienced since the 1960's.  It's not about trying to convince people that ghosts exist, but simply to share some of our experiences with others who have had similar events happen in their lives.

We're not paranormal investigators, although it is a subject of great interest.  We don't have answers as to why and how paranormal events occur, so it's difficult to say why we've had so many experiences over the years..  There are many people throughout the world involved with investigating anything and everything paranormal and there are many theories as to why ghosts exist, what types of hauntings occur, and why some people have paranormal experiences while others don't.  Again, it is a subject of great interest, but over the years we've learned that we're not always going to find those answers.  We've simply learned, more or less, to accept these experiences as a part of our lives. 

Some may find what we share here nothing more than a collection of amusing stories and others may totally relate to the events we've experienced.  Throughout our lives almost all of us have things happen now and then that simply cannot be explained.  And try as we might to find a logical explanation, the explanation continues to allude us.  The truth is, we do not live in a clearly defined world of black and white, but rather a world with many interesting shades of gray.  When we open our minds to the endless possibilities of this Universe and acknowledge that we do not know all the mysteries it holds, it becomes easier to accept that not all things in life have a clear, logical explanation.  Plain and simple, some things just are.

We realize there are many, many people in the world who have had experiences similar to ours and if you would like to share them here with others, we will be more than happy to include them on our "Your Stories" page.  Simply email your story to us at stories@hauntedfamily.com and give us your first name, city, and state and we will create a page for your story.

Should you ever have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@hauntedfamily.com 

Happy Hauntings!!!

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