Colorado & Back To Pennsylvania

In May of 1975 we made the move to Colorado.  Terry and her two-year-old son, Shawn, came from California to stay with us for a while and Mike came out from Pennsylvania for an extended visit.  We had a great deal of fun together that summer, exploring Denver and the surrounding area, going off for the day on fishing trips, or just spending time enjoying our family being together.  Not wanting to be left out, our ghosts let us know that they had made yet another move with us.

One morning our mother came upstairs from her room and found Mike sleeping on the floor in the living room.  She asked him why he was on the floor and not in the room they gave him and he told her he couldn’t sleep in that room because “they keep moving the bed.” 

On another night one of the girls came into the living room where Mike was once again sleeping and found the rocking chair rocking back and forth.  What was unusual was that no one was sitting in it; it was just rocking back and forth on its own.

As it turned out, we only lived in Colorado for four months.  It didn’t take long for us to become homesick for Pennsylvania and the rest of our family so our father arranged to be transferred back to the east coast.  Terry and her son made the move back east with the rest of the family.

Once we were back in Levittown we rented a house in a section called Highland Park, close to the house we had owned in Twin Oaks, and identical to the Mill Creek house.  During our time in this house our ghosts were present as usual.  It had come to the point where we knew that, no matter where we went, they would follow.

One day Donna, who was sixteen at the time, was babysitting Shawn, Terry’s son.  Diana was also there and the three of them, alone in the house, were sitting in the living room watching cartoons.  Jake, our German shepherd puppy, was in the living room with them when all of a sudden he started barking at something in the hallway.  He started down the hall, barking all the way.  Donna, Diana and Shawn looked up to see what he was barking at and Shawn said “Who’s that man?”  They all saw a man go from my parent’s bedroom into the bathroom.  The man they described was tall and thin, wearing what they said were “clothes that looked like what they wore in the sixties,” a shirt and polyester pants.  When they went down the hall and looked in the bathroom, there was no one there.  This particular incident really shook them up because at that time the ghosts were typically heard more than seen.  Eventually, however, that would change.

During the same year we lived in the Highland Park house Diana, around age twelve, had another incident where she “saw” someone.  On this particular night she wasn’t feeling well and she came downstairs to sleep on the living room floor.  She doesn’t recall why it was that she laid on the floor rather than the sofa, but that’s where she ended up sleeping.  In the middle of the night she got up to use the bathroom and noticed someone in a white robe lying next to her on the floor.  Since our father had recently bought a white, fleecy robe for my mother, Diana just naturally assumed it was our mother lying there.  She went into the bathroom and on her way out she looked out the window because it was snowing at the time and she wanted to see how much snow we had.  She went back to lay on the floor and the person in the white robe was still there.  She couldn’t see a face; all she could see was the robe.  Still thinking that it was our mother she laid down and went back to sleep.  One thing in particular that Diana remembers is that she felt very safe and very comfortable with this person next to her.

The next morning when she got up she thanked our mother for sleeping on the floor with her and our mother said, “What do you mean?”  Diana said, “You laid with me last night on the living room floor” and our mother said, “No I didn’t.”  Diana looked at her and said, “What to you mean, yes you did.”  And again our mother said, “No, I didn’t sleep on the floor with you.” 

We have no idea who spent the night on the floor with Diana since it was not our mother.  But to this day she clearly remembers that safe and comfortable feeling she had with the person in the white robe lying next to her.

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