Diana Leaves The Peabody House

From 1991 to 1994 while they were in the Peabody house, Diana says the activity was constant and so many things were happening.  She also thinks that there might have been more than one entity there because she often felt a conflict.  Perhaps the family ghosts had followed her there and they had some sort of conflict with the spirit of George, the man who had died there.  Whatever the case, Diana said that she never had any feeling of evil in the house and she never smelled any foul odors that are often associated with evil.  But the constant noise in the house and the continuous running up and down the stairs gave her the feeling that there was more than one ghost and the sense of conflict was often there.

Diana also felt that if indeed George was there, he was there for a reason.  Perhaps he was trapped or maybe he had some unfinished business.  Or possibly he was trying to tell her something.  The entire time she lived in that house, Diana felt that George did not kill himself, but rather that he was murdered.   Whatever the truth was about George’s death, there was no doubt that someone or something was there and it was definitely making its presence known!

In December of 1991, Diana and David had their third son, Little David.  Some time after Little David was born, Diana had started taking EMT classes.  She had already completed courses to become a medical assistant and she wanted to take the EMT courses so she could become a volunteer with the rescue squad.  One night some of the people from her class had stopped by to pick her up.  As they were getting ready to leave, Little David’s diaper bag and everything else on the counter went flying across the room.  Her friends gave her a strange look and asked, “What the hell was that?”  Diana just said “Oh, nothing” and she pushed them out the door.

When things like this happen in front of people it can be both comforting and distressing.  It’s comforting when someone else witnesses what’s going on in the house because you know for sure that you aren’t going crazy! It can be distressing when the witnesses are those who unaware of your situation and you can’t explain what just happened.

Diana, David and the three boys moved out of the Peabody house around the time Little David was about 2 ½.  For a while before they moved, Little David would often come up to Diana and ask, “Who’s that man in your bedroom?” and she would just say, “Nobody.” 

Something else started happening to Diana while they were living in Virginia that still happens to this day.  She had gone to the mall one day and went into a store and was looking around.  As she moved through the one section of the store, things began to fall off the shelves.  She didn’t think much of it because this was the first time that anything like this had happened to her outside of the house.  Then, she went to another section of the store and there was a display with tiered glass shelves with knick-knacks on it.  As she got closer to the shelves they began to fall from top to bottom, breaking all over the floor.  The saleswoman looked at Diana and Diana looked back at her and said, “I didn’t do anything!”  The woman replied, “I know, I was looking right at you and you didn’t touch anything but the shelves fell.” 

To this day there are times when Diana goes into a store and as she passes the shelves various items fall or fly off.  Once it happened when she and Terry were together in a grocery store in Scranton.  As the two of them walked down the produce isle, lettuce and other vegetables started falling behind them.  Terry started laughing and asked, “Did they follow you here?” and Diana just said, “Yep.”  It doesn’t happen as often as it used to but for a while Diana said it was a real problem because everywhere she went, the ghosts would follow and things would fall off shelves. 

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