Diana Moves to Absecon, NJ

In 1994 Diana and David moved to Absecon, New Jersey and bought a house. Prior to purchasing the house Diana did a check on the history to see if anyone had died there.  Thankfully no one had

About a month after they moved into their new house, Little David was playing in his room, which was just across the hall from Diana’s, and he came out screaming.  She asked him what was wrong and he told her he saw a man in her room.  She went in to check it out but there was no one there.  She asked Little David what the man looked like, but because he was so young, he really couldn’t give her many details.  He would only say that it was a big man.  And many times afterwards he would again come running out of his room screaming about a man in Diana’s room.  Even though Little David had similar experiences in the Peabody house seeing a man, the sight of one in the new house had more of an effect o him.  His sightings of the man continued until he reached the age of about 4, then they stopped.

Things would continue to happen to Diana and her family while they were in the Absecon house, but it was nothing compared to the activity in the Peabody house.  When they had first moved to Absecon, David had to go to school in Pensacola, Florida.  He was finished with sea duty for a while and was training to become a Navy Recruiter.  While he was away, Diana was on a ladder working on the kitchen cabinets one night when she got the feeling that someone was standing behind her.  She didn’t turn around all the way, but she turned just far enough where she could see out of the corner of her eye and there he was, a man just standing there in the entrance to the kitchen.  Since she wasn’t facing it straight on, she didn’t see his face, but she was able to make out that whoever he was, he was very tall.  The encounter with him almost made her fall off the ladder at first, but then she just said, “Well, I see you’re here” and then she turned back around and continued working.

Diana didn’t know whether or not the man she saw in the kitchen was George from the Peabody house, but from that day on, whenever any activity would occur, everyone would refer to the ghost or ghosts as George. 

After his schooling in Pensacola, David was home most of the time and the activity in the house became periodic.  There were times when he was home and they would be in bed and Diana would hear things, but not as much as when David was away.  However, whenever the ghost was there, Diana would feel it before she heard it.  When the ghost would first get there it would always come up from behind her and the hairs would stand up on the back of her neck and she would get an overwhelming feeling.  Afterwards she would start to hear or see things.  When she saw things, it would be fleeting images or images just out of the corner of her eye.

The boys had their own encounter once when they were doing something they shouldn’t have been doing – jumping on the bed!  They were in one of the bedrooms jumping around on the bed when they heard a man tell them to knock it off.  They thought their father had come home and they all ran out into the living room to see him.  When they got there, they asked Diana where David was and she told them he wasn’t home yet.  Then they told her about the man telling them to stop jumping on the bed. 

Another of Diana’s encounters was just prior to them moving out of the house in Absecon when she was doing some painting.  Once again she was up on a ladder when she heard someone say, “Be careful” and just as heard it she grabbed onto something because a moment later, the ladder started to slip and she almost fell off.  If she hadn’t heard the warning just when she did, she would have fallen off the ladder.

After three years in Absecon, David was finished with his recruiter work and was once again attached to a ship.  This time they decided to take advantage of the opportunity to see another part of the country and David took orders to be transferred to Washington State.  They made the move out west in October of 1997.

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