Diana Moves to Absecon, NJ

The first house Diana and her family lived in when they arrived in Washington was the Huckle house.  Moving all the way across the country did not deter the ghosts and eventually the activity started up once again.

Matthew would get up for school early in the morning, before anyone else in the house, and many times he would see someone walking down the stairs toward the computer.  Diana and David had never had a computer before they moved to Washington and apparently the ghost became fascinated with it because Diana said many strange things would happen with the computer when it was on.

Being attached to a ship again meant that David was often at sea.  Sometimes he would be out for a week, sometimes for six weeks, and another time for six months.  The ship he was on had computers and the servicemen were able to use them to email their families.  This is the main reason Diana and David purchased a computer, so they could stay in touch while David was out at sea.  One evening Diana was coming down the stairs and she said to her boys, “I’m going to email Daddy.”  As she was heading toward the computer, which was already on with the screensaver up, she saw the screensaver go away as if someone had moved the mouse.  Then someone hit the Start button, went into Programs and then they punched up the Mail program.  Diana watched this happening as she was walking toward the computer and by the time she sat down, the Mail program that she needed to email David was up on the screen.

As helpful as “George” was with helping Diana email David, there was another incident when she was on the computer that was very frightening for her.  It was late at night and the boys were in bed.  Diana was sitting at the computer when all of a sudden she looked up and as she did, she could see a figure start to materialize.  She could see the legs, the arms, and the body and then she felt cold air.  Diana said she “freaked” and she couldn’t stay there long enough to look at a face, she just couldn’t do it.  She just screamed and ran upstairs and it took her over an hour to come back down and turn off the lights and the computer.  Diana says if she had been able to stay long enough to see a face she might finally know who the ghost was, but it was just too scary and she wasn’t able to do it!

Over the years the entity had tried to let Diana see it and even though she wanted to know who it was, whenever it started to appear she became so frightened that she wouldn’t look at its face.  She says that maybe she’s just was not ready yet.

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