Family Background

My parents were married in July 1950.  My father was twenty-three at the time and my mother was twenty-two.  Fourteen months later, in September 1951, my oldest sister Terry was born.  My brother Mike came along in January 1955 and less than two years later I was born in October 1956.  My name is Chris, by the way.  My sister Donna arrived in June 1959 and last, but not least, my youngest sister Diana was born in June 1963.

Around the time my brother was born in 1955, my parents purchased a home in Levittown, Pennsylvania in a section called Mill Creek Falls.  Our family spent the next seventeen years living in this house and this is where our paranormal experiences began.

Our ghosts arrived in the mid 1960's.  We don't know who they are, but what we can tell you about them is what they are not.  They're not like the slimy green guys portrayed in the movie "Ghost Busters," nor are they like the evil spirits in the movie "Poltergeist."  They're not even like Casper, although they have never done anything to harm us so you could say they're friendly.  They can be mischievous and have been known to take things and hide them for periods of time.  They come and go as they please and we never know when they will show up.  When they do decide to make their presence known, it can be a bit unnerving - especially when they attempt to materialize, as has been the case from time to time.

We have experienced these ghostly visits for over forty years and we assume that the same ghosts have been with us all this time.  It's really impossible to be certain whether or not this is the case.  For all we know, some have come and gone and new ones have arrived.  Whatever the case may be one thing has not changed over time and that is after all these years, we still have ghosts!

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