Leaving Twin Oaks

In 1973 our father started working for a new company.  His new job involved the installation and maintenance of CT scanners that had been recently introduced in hospitals throughout the country.  Toward the end of 1974 our fatherís company offered him a transfer from Pennsylvania to Colorado.  He and our mother thought this would be a great opportunity for the family so they decided to make the move.  By that time Mike and I had graduated from high school and were tying to decide whether or not we wanted to go to Colorado with the rest of the family.  Apparently the ghosts had already made their decision.

One night, while we were still living in the Twin Oaks house, our mother was lying awake in bed thinking about the pending move.  For some reason she thought about the ghosts and started talking to them Ė not out loud but in her mind.  She told them that when the house was sold and the family moved, they were not invited to come with along.  Iím not sure why she even did this but within minutes she received an answer to her thoughts.

At the same time our mother was telling the ghosts they couldnít come when the family moved, I was downstairs in the den watching television.  On the wall above the television our father had built a shelf and there he kept all his videotapes in their cases.  There were several cases and all of a sudden they started flying off the shelf and onto the floor all around the room.  This created a great deal of noise and within minutes the entire family came flying down the stairs.  When they came into the room I was petrified and it was a few minutes before I was able to speak.  When I finally calmed down enough our mother asked me what had happened.  I told her I was just sitting there watching television when all of a sudden the videos started flying all over the room.  She didnít say anything at the time but the next day she told us that right before the videos went flying, she was lying in bed upstairs telling the ghosts they were not invited to move with the family.  I think I told her something to the effect that the next time she told the ghosts they couldnít come with us, she should do it in the daytime and not late at night when I was alone in that part of the house! 

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