The Man In The Kitchen & More

Late one night our mother was lying in bed awake.  She heard a humming sound and thought it might be our furnace since it sometimes made noises when it turned on.  The humming stopped and then a white light, about the size of a beach ball and with a bluish tint around the edges, floated into her room.  Our mother sat up in bed when she saw the light as this was something new and it had scared her.  Not out loud, but mentally, she said, “I don’t know what you are, but go away!”  The light simply floated through the door and out of her room.

Apparently Donna was the only other person in the house who heard the humming noise and she went downstairs to investigate.  After the ball of light left our mother’s room, Donna went in and said, “Mommy, what was that sound?”  Our mother said, “I don’t know, just go to bed.”  Then Donna said to her, “But Mommy, who is that man sitting at the kitchen table?”  And again, our mother said, “I don’t know, Donna, just go to bed!”

When Donna recalled the incident the next day, she said she had heard the humming noise and went downstairs to see what it was.  That’s when she went into our mother’s room to ask what was happening and on the way in she had seen a man sitting at the table.  Donna drew a picture of what she saw and it showed a bright light shinning in through the shutters on the windows and the man sitting at the kitchen tables. 

Terry had her own experience with the blue ball of light when she went downstairs one night to get a drink of water.  Even though there was a bathroom upstairs right next to her room, she wanted to go down to the kitchen to get her drink.  As she turned off the staircase onto the first floor, she came face-to-face with a bluish ball of light, about twelve inches in diameter.  She stopped to look at it and it just flew away.  She said that particular incident didn’t scare her at all and she simply went into the kitchen, got her drink, and then went back upstairs to bed.

One of Mike’s episodes, when he saw one of the ghosts, had more of an impact on him than Terry’s experience with the blue light.  Mike was about eleven or twelve at the time and on this particular night he was sleeping in a room Terry and Donna shared.   He was asleep when all of a sudden he woke up and stared to scream because when he opened his eyes, he saw a face just above his staring right at him.  Mike said he was so scared he ran into the bathroom and threw up!  It is one thing to hear things go bump in the night, but it’s a different story when you wake up and find a face staring into yours!

 Donna had an episode one day when she was alone in her room lying on her bed.  At that time we had a German shepherd who, even though she was a large dog, liked to go under the beds.  Sometimes she would get stuck and someone would have to help her out.  On this particular day Donna thought the dog was under the bed because it began to move just like it did when the dog was stuck.  She went down to help the dog out and to her surprise there was nothing there.  She was so scared she could hardly move but once she got past that, she ran downstairs to tell our mother what happened.  Looking back now she says it was just a typical day at our house, but at the time it wasn’t amusing at all.

Diana had an incident that involved one of her friends. No one was home at our house at the time and Diana was spending the day with her girlfriend who lived a few houses up from ours.  She wanted to go into our house to get something and she had hoped the house might be open however, as it turned out, the house was locked and she couldn’t get in.  As Diana and her friend were leaving and passed by the front of the house, both of them looked in the front window and saw a man sitting at the kitchen table.  They took off scared out of their wits and when they were far enough away, Diana’s friend turned to her and said, “I’m never going in your house again!”

During the course of time, after the activity started, Terry recalls numerous occasions when she would hear footsteps in her room and actually feel someone sit down on the bed beside her.  One night she was so scared she yelled, “I don’t know who the hell you are, but leave me alone!”  Terry said she slept downstairs for about thee months after that incident. 

Looking back on those early years, there were times when some activity scared us and some didn’t.  After each event it became easier to put things into perspective – as much as one can when dealing with the paranormal – and somewhat minimize the occurrence so that it was not as scary in our minds as it was at the time it happened.  On one hand we got used to things happening over the years but on the other hand, each new event could scare us until some time has passed and we talk about it with other family members. 

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