The Apartment

Not long after the video incident, the house in Twin Oaks was sold and our parents, my two younger sisters and I moved.  We moved into an apartment sometime in January of 1975 and stayed there until the Spring while our father’s transfer was being finalized and arrangements were being made for the move.  I had decided to make the move with them to Colorado so there were five of us living in a two-bedroom apartment.  My parents had one bedroom and my two sisters shared the other while I slept on the sofa in the living room.  Needless to say we lived in tight quarters!  Both bedrooms were stacked with boxes and there wasn’t much room to maneuver around the rooms..

Remembering the incident at the Twin Oaks house with the flying videos, someone wondered aloud if the ghosts had made the move with us from the house to the apartment.  Everyone agreed that the question had been answered when, within seconds of voicing it, the tablecloth on the table began billowing as if someone were playing with it.  Cramped quarters or not, our friends had decided to come with us.

Our move to Colorado scheduled to take place in May our father left about a month before the rest of the family.  He had to start working on the installation of a new CT scanner in one of the hospitals and he also had to find a house for us to rent.  While our father was gone our mother figured she would have their room to herself, but she figured wrong!  Almost every night from the time our father left she would feel someone sit down on the bed and she would also hear someone moving around the room, brushing up against the boxes. It got to the point where the noise would either keep her awake or wake her from a sound sleep.  Finally she got tired of it and one night she said, “Go out to Colorado and bother Charlie (our Dad).”  And so they did.

That same night our father was working late at the hospital setting up the CAT scanner.  There was a Polaroid camera there and the only way to take pictures was to physically push the button.  All of a sudden the camera started clicking off pictures, which surprised him since no one else was in the room.  Poor Dad had no idea that our mother had sent the ghosts out to him but he would soon realize what was going on.  When he was finished working for the night he went back to his hotel room. When he sat down on the bed, he felt someone sit down next to him.  At that point he began to realize what was going on.  Then, as he did every night, he took off his watch, removed the coins from his pocket and put everything in the ashtray on the bureau.  As he was lying in bed he heard his watch and coins being jiggled around in the ashtray.  The next day he called our mother and told her of the incidents and it was then that she told him that she had sent the ghosts out to him because they were keeping her awake at night! 

Another time, while we were still in the apartment, Diana had a particularly bad day at school.  She was in gym class and the kids were picking teams for some kind of sport they were going to play.  Diana wasn’t very good at the sport so no one would pick her to be on their teams.  When she came home she was still upset and she went into the bathroom crying.  A few minutes later she looked up and all she could see was fog and then a figure in a white robe.  She saw the arms and then the legs, but before she could look up far enough to see a face, she ran out of the bathroom screaming. 

Our time in the apartment was short and while there may have been other events that occurred, the few I just mentioned are the ones that stick out most in our minds.


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